Vocal Warm Up Exercises To Sing Properly And In Tune

Vocal Warm Up ExercisesWe have all experienced that foggy voice thing occurring when we get up from bed in the morning. This is typically because our vocal chords are still cold since it has been dormant while we were asleep. This is also synonymous with singing. If we fail to perform the right vocal warm up exercises and begin singing when our vocal chords are still cold, we can end up doing more harm than good to our vocal chords and can sometimes have terrible consequences.

Vocal warm up exercises can be grouped into a number of classes according to the result they produce as well as the organs that they train. However there isn’t a specific regimen that you must follow and the exercises you perform is supposed to suit your exact conditions. The exercises can be classified as follows:

Short Sharp Exhaling

This is a very effective voice warm up exercise, and it involves sharply exhaling via the mouth in bursts that doesn’t last long. See in your mind’s eye that you’re at the library and someone is really over noisy. Imagine how loud you will shush them. SHHHHHH! You want it to be as loud and audible as you can but in this case you as well want it to be short. Therefore, it should be SHH! As you perform this exercise, force out as much air as you can from your lungs in a very short time. Repeat this till your lungs are free. You’ll definitely pant while doing this, but it will help to prepare your lungs for some high quality singing.

Breathing Exercises

As a singer, breathing correctly is imperative. First, take a long deep breath to loosen up the diaphragm. In order to breathe correctly while singing, you need to make use of the lower part of the lungs as well as the diaphragm. An easy and effective exercise to attain this is deep breathing. Breathe in deeply, your rib cage and back should expand and count to 5 before breathing out. Force out every single air in your lungs by breathing out for 4 counts. Deep inhalation and exhalation is imperative to make your singing voice sound pleasant.

Vocal Strength Exercises

This is another good vocal warm up exercise. First, hum to make the vocal chords relax. Gently press in your cheeks with your hands; press in your checks until the inside touches your teeth. After that, press your lips together and begin to hum the sound ‘brrr’. Try to make the sound your produce even for 2 minutes. As you do this, you are going to feel vibration on your lips, however there will be no vibration on your throat and mouth as they will be relaxed.

Lip-Roll Exercise

This exercise helps to relax the larynx and ease vocal tension. This doesn’t only make you sound clear when singing; it as well helps you sing in tune. To do this, you just expel air from your lungs past your lips. Your lips must be relaxed. Your lips will be pulsating and slapping together as you send air out and hum, and thus producing a dopey BRBRBRBRB type sound.

These vocal warm up exercises are very effective if done in the approved manner, and will help to warm up the various sound producing organs and muscles. Also, doing these exercises correctly will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a singer.


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