Teach Yourself to Sing and Better Your Singing Voice

Teach Yourself to SingCan you teach yourself to sing? Emphatically yes! A lot of people who are professional singers at present were self-taught. It’s possible to teach yourself to sing because there are a lot of music education resources that you can easily get your hands on these days. There are several online singing lessons that provides valid and reliable information if you want to learn how to sing. Many people believe that sing is a talent, but that’s not true. Singing is a way of expressing your feelings; you can sing as long as you can talk. And if you already have some singing skills, you can definitely become a better singer. The truth is that singing is a technique, and good singing can be learnt because it’s a skill. Continue reading to find out proven and effective ways to teach yourself how to sing.

You need to first begin with your mouth if you want to teach yourself to sing.  If you have even had a conversation with someone who mumbles, then you should know how difficult it’s to chat with such a person. Most people mumble because they close their mouth too much, and so it becomes difficult for words to come out of their mouth fluently. This is also true for singer. If you mouth is closed, no one will understand what you are singing. For a practical example, watch some performances by opera singers and take note of how far they open their mouth.

Developing a proper breathing technique is another important step to teach yourself to sing. You will be able to improve your voice tremendously if you learn to breathe correctly. Most young singer makes the common mistake of holding their breath while singing instead of allowing the air flow out. If you are finding it difficult to sing long notes because you don’t have enough breath, then you must develop the right breathing technique for singing. To do this, you need to learn to breathe through your diaphragm. The fact is that we work our throat muscles when talking; however, when singing there shouldn’t be any strain on the throat muscles rather the sound should be produced by the use of the diaphragm. Your singing voice will be greatly improved once you can breathe correctly.

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Also, regular singing practice is imperative. You need to single out some songs that you feel you’ll be comfortable singing, that is, songs that are in your vocal range. Make it a point to practice these songs on a daily basis. You can practice anywhere and at anytime; it could be while driving, when you’re at work and even when in your bathroom. Once you are able to sing the song correctly, try to record yourself. This is important because it will enable you detect your areas of weakness, and thus will make it possible for you to work on improving them.

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