How to Sing High Notes Properly and Amazingly

How To Sing High NotesLearning how to sing high notes is one of the most difficult tasks for singers. Well, even though it may seem difficult for some people, it’s actually a walk in the park for others. A lot of people don’t understand that the voice is similar to a musical instrument (for example, violin); and just like a musical instrument there are specific skills to generate certain sounds like high notes. Continue reading to find out how you can train your voice to sing high notes.

First, you need to begin with a warm up. Warming up helps to relax the vocal cords, and this is particularly helpful for singing high note. Begin by humming or singing a song you love for some minutes. After that, begin humming making use of your lowest note and gradually increase to your highest. This will definitely help you to get the best performance from your voice.

In order to learn how to sing high notes, you need to know how to breathe correctly. The correct breathing technique for singing is to breath in such a way that your lower stomach rises and falls first instead of your chest. The diaphragm supports the voice, and breathing with it will not only help you sing high notes but also hold your notes longer without straining your voice. Correct breathing is the key to good singing. If you are not breathing correctly, then your singing voice isn’t going to sound good.

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Reaching a high note is easy if you begin with your middle notes. Starting with your middle notes will help you to slowly increase to higher extremes without doing harm to your vocal chords. You must realize that your voice is delicate, and so you mustn’t force it to reach certain extreme notes. If you want to reach a high note with ease, you must start with your middle notes and slowly climb to your highest.

Also, staying properly hydrated will be of immense benefit to you. Proper hydration helps to keep your voice hydrated as well. This will prevent you from straining your vocal chords. As a singer, a healthy practice is to always keep a bottle of water close to you.  If your vocal chords are hydrated, your voice will be protected.

This may amaze you, but your tush can as well help you sing higher. Most people find it difficult to control their high notes. The fact is that clamping your buttocks together will provide you with the muscle control you need in your abdomen. By flexing your buttocks, you can get more vocal control, and thus you’ll be able to hit and hold high notes. Although hitting those notes is important, you as well need to develop the strength and control to make use of them well as you sing, and so learning correct diaphragm breathing skills as well as other body posturing techniques will be very helpful.

It can also be beneficial to discover the exact vowel modification that suits your voice.  There are specific vowel that will work best for certain voice, therefore finding the ones that are suitable for your voice is a sure way to achieve clear notes at all times.

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