How to Sing Harmony Using This Professional Singing Tips and Tricks

How to Sing HarmonySo there you are, wanting to learn how to sing harmony. Here are some tips to help you become skilled at singing harmony. Harmonizing isn’t as difficult as you think; it’s a walk in the park once you know the trick. You’ll need to invest time and effort in order to sound right, for the reason that it involves bringing your voice into line with another singer. Read on to learn how to sing harmony right.

Training Your Ears

The initial step to learn how to sing harmony is to train your ears to recognize harmony. An easy way to train your ears is to listen carefully to your preferred song – pay close attention to the instruments and melody. You must listen carefully to recognize the sounds because they are not too clear. Once you have trained your ears, you will be able to recognize dissonance and resonance within the music. Training your ears will help you to easily point out any discord in harmony since it’s very conspicuous.

Blend Your Voice

After training your ears to recognize harmony, make an effort to bring your voice into line with the instruments. This is easier said than done initially, so in order to achieve this you need to make use of a musical instrument like a piano. Use a piano to play a note and try to blend or synchronize your voice with it. Making use of a musical instrument will help you to hear and identify the notes that you’re going to be singing. This is a good way to learn the different notes in singing harmony correctly.

Keep Practicing

Now that you are able to blend you voice with the musical instrument, you need to keep on practicing with another note. The notes in the main part is what you should begin with and as soon as you become comfortable with this, go to the next chord above and below the lead part. More often than not, the lower chord is the most difficult for the reason that it won’t sound like a single tune because it has an odd series of chords. Also, make it a point to record yourself as you sing. Listening to your performance as well plays an important role in helping you to sing harmony correctly, because you’ll be able to choose an excellent note to harmonize with.

Harmonize With Other Singers

This is a very important step to learn how to sing harmony. Apart from practicing alone, you need to do harmonizing with other singers. When harmonizing with other singers, try to synchronize your voice with theirs. Make sure your voice doesn’t become too loud or “out-sing” the other singers. This is often one of the problems faced by those who are finding it difficult to sing harmony – they simply can’t find the correct balance to make their own voice fit in. That is why you must not only practice harmony singing at home; singing with other singers is just as important.

These steps, if done correctly and continually, will help you to learn how to sing harmony.

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